The Hands

The Hands

Friday, September 3, 2010

soccer practice

My favorite time of the season! I am equally as excited as Ethan for soccer season to be back up and running. We started with a new league this year, West Metro, and we are loving it. Ethan's coach and teammates seem great. Of course for Ethan, the best part is that his best friend Landon is on his team.

They are too cute out there playing together. I love it too because then Mandy and I can tag team all our kids at games and practices. That is a huge help when Ben's at work.

Nothing like grass stains and sweat in a house full of boys; I love it! I was so proud of him. Proud of his strong kicks, never touching his hands on the ball, dribbling and scored goal in the scrimmage. I was even more proud of is sportsmanship, brave attitude as he took the field with a new team, great listening skills and the smile on his face.

Way to go Ethan!

Unfortunatly I think he is going to miss his first game because he has a Tae Kwon Do belt test at the same time. He has been practicing hard for months for it.

At the end of a busy day, it all ends back at home; with mommy bathtub, bubbles and your best friends, your brothers!

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