The Hands

The Hands

Friday, May 21, 2010

We just finished a 1 1/2 hr evaluation for the babies can't wait program and Gavin qualified for PT! Woohoo! That is awesome because our insurance only covers 30 visits a year (and we go once or twice a week) so with this program once our visits run out it only cost us $ 16 a visit for 1 hr of PT! This is awesome compared to the $169 a visit it was going to cost. I am so glad we can benefit from this, Gavin is really showing great improvements with his PT. He is even starting to roll over!!

Ben has been out of town all week in Navada for a training with the fire dept. Man do we miss him and I am so glad he is coming home tonight!!! He does so much around the house and with the kids...I do not know what I would do without him!! Ethan is missing him a lot. I feel so blessed to have such an amazing husband and father of my children...He is a great daddy!!

School is out for the summer, Ethan is not happy about it. He does not understand why he still can't go to school. Too funny. I am excited for both the boys to be in school next year, I hope Aiden does well! The 2 days a week and short days (9 to 12) are perfect and then we do school at home in preperation for the future. We want to do home school hybrid with our children so we are hoping we are fostering that learning style with a little of both. The home school theme for the summer at our house is science. Right now we have tadpoles we are watching develop into frogs (thanks grammy : )  )

Well, I need to get onto house cleaning before my hubby sees what slobs we are this week!!

Gavin update: e got released from the hospital yesterday. We stayed 2 nights with a case or RSV. He required a little 02 and breathing treatments but is feeling much better! Thanks for all the prayers!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

We have been so busy!! The sheetrock is done, woohoo! It looks great. Ethan has started Tae Kwon Do, and thinks he is awesome, and is finishing up his soccer season. Gavin is off oxygen and G tube, which is a huge relief. Ethan's last day of school for the year is tomorrow (he goes twice a week from 9-12 to a church preschool), He has been at the same school for 2 yrs and will be switching to one closer to home in sept when he starts again, so tomorrow is the last day at this school. It makes me kinda sad...He's growing up. Watching him in martial arts makes me see how big he is getting. He is not a baby anymore.

Aiden wants so bad to do soccer or tae kwon do, but he's just not big enough. I have been spending special time with him while Ethan is in class at his favorite place "Donalds". Aiden loves to sit in his chair and watch Ethan play soccer, He is a great cheerleader for his big brother.

Gavin is doing great with physical therapy. He is starting to initiate rolling over and his holding his head midline on his own. He his pushing up with his arms during tummy time and bearing weight on his legs when held up. He is coming along great, The PT has been very impressed.

We planned Ethan's 4th B day party at chuck e cheese, I cannot believe he will be 4 next month!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Gavins Blog (NICU)

Here is a scrapblog I did for Gavin's NICU stay. I used parts of my journal and pics. I just finished it.

I guess Gavin decided last night that he was done with his G tube, because he pulled it out. He woke up soaking wet because his continuous feeds had been running all night. When we noticed I tried to put it back in, but the hole had already closed. So this morning when I woke up I called my Ped. He called the surgeon and they discussed and said they felt it was fine to leave it out, so I was relieved. He has been eating great and I didn't think he needed it in the first place. Then the surgeon called the GI doctor and he disagreed totally. He wanted us to take him back to surgery today to put it back in. I was like WHAT! That means intubated and vents. I said "NO!". The GI doctor told me I was being non compliant with his plan of care. I said too bad. As long as he is eating and gaining weight, I said they cannot put it back in. DRAMA! Always. Even the doctors don't agree with eachother. And unfortunatly I know healthcare enough to know that sometimes its all about money.

On a lighter note, here are some pics of the kidos playing. Since the sheetrock is going in the basement, Aiden is enjoying wearing his mask (for the dust) even when they are not working : )

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy 6 month birthday Gavin and Joseph!

Today was great! I went to lunch with my friend Laura (Joseph's mom), which was a great day since Joseph and Gavin are 6 months old! Wow, so hard to believe! We had lunch and then I got to go meet Joseph! It was great. He is so sweet. What a beautiful baby. The day starte out with Ethan's soccer game. He did great. He played the whole game. Half the game he actually played for the other team. They didn't have enough players show up to the game so he joined them. i thought it was great that he offered to play with them and had fun. I am more proud of him for doing that then the soccer! He is such a sweet boy. He had fun at the game, he is really into it this year. Gavin had his first day off oxygen and it was great. He did really well! What a great 6 month birthday present.

Today the sheet rock guys hung almost all the sheet rock! Yeah!!!! They are coming back tomorrow to start finishing it. I am SO excited!

Here are some pics from today....

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