The Hands

The Hands

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

We have been so busy!! The sheetrock is done, woohoo! It looks great. Ethan has started Tae Kwon Do, and thinks he is awesome, and is finishing up his soccer season. Gavin is off oxygen and G tube, which is a huge relief. Ethan's last day of school for the year is tomorrow (he goes twice a week from 9-12 to a church preschool), He has been at the same school for 2 yrs and will be switching to one closer to home in sept when he starts again, so tomorrow is the last day at this school. It makes me kinda sad...He's growing up. Watching him in martial arts makes me see how big he is getting. He is not a baby anymore.

Aiden wants so bad to do soccer or tae kwon do, but he's just not big enough. I have been spending special time with him while Ethan is in class at his favorite place "Donalds". Aiden loves to sit in his chair and watch Ethan play soccer, He is a great cheerleader for his big brother.

Gavin is doing great with physical therapy. He is starting to initiate rolling over and his holding his head midline on his own. He his pushing up with his arms during tummy time and bearing weight on his legs when held up. He is coming along great, The PT has been very impressed.

We planned Ethan's 4th B day party at chuck e cheese, I cannot believe he will be 4 next month!

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  1. You have some cute boys, emily (and ben). When i come out this summer i would love to be able to see you! I hope gavin gets feeling better... keep us posted!!