The Hands

The Hands

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Ethan turning four made me go back and look at his birth pictures and flip through his scrapbook. I sat and looked and them, cried, laughed. It is unbelievable it has been four years, then again, I feel like I cannot remember life without kids. The day he was born was planned, an induction, but could not have been more full of surprising feelings. Everyone said I would love him more than anything, but words do not describe the feeling you feel when you see your child for the first time. It's like life starts at that moment. I saw the whole world differently and loved without boundaries or fears.
One little man that stole my heart forever. takes my breath away everyday.
And seeing the love of my life holding OUR son.....
Then bringing him home and loving him. Thank you Ethan for showing how to love unconditionally, how to see the world without fear and the faith of a child.
All the nights I watched you sleep.... You taught me that no matter what people say, there is nothing wrong with a baby loving to sleep in your arms, or on your chest.

You walked and talked and turned one before I realized how fast my baby was growing up.
And there is nothing like watching you explore the world with all its wonder. Take it in drop by drop like you might miss something spectacular.
You welcomed brotherhood with open arms, teaching us all just how big you were.

You are so full of wonder and never afraid to ask why. You teach me something everyday. I quickly learned that in parenthood, I was going to learn more than you were.
I cannot believe how fast the past four years have gone by. It is teaching me to live in the moment, enjoy today and love each day, not wishing it away for the next. It felt like you would always fit in my arms. You have outgrown them way too fast.
Before he went to bed tonight Ethan looked through these pictures and lots of his baby pictures and asked me how come it takes so long to get big like daddy. I told him it would be here before he knew it. He then replied, well just so you know I am not moving out. My wife and I are living here. <3 The love of a child. I hope he feels the same way in about 14 years.


  1. That post was precious Emily. Beautifully stated! He is so cute!!!

  2. I love this so much! I can't believe how big he has gotten. I remember when it was just him and he was learning to walk. Now he is the sweetest little man. :) You are clearly doin a great job Em and Ben!