The Hands

The Hands

Monday, August 16, 2010

Stuck in the house...

This was one of those where between the budget and heat outside we were stuck in the house. Gavin woke up with a low grade fever so I didn't think he was up for a pool day but overall he seems fine, just a runny nose. So we spent the day coming up with activities to occupy our time. For some reason boredom leads to mischief, which leads to me going crazy..... So I try to keep their little minds occupied.

We started the day with Ethan's school work after breakfast. I started teaching him addition today and he got it on the first day. He completed 9 worksheets in 25 mins (which is 4 days according to the lesson plans) I guess this home school thing will not be as hard I think. Ethan has an amazing work ethic so he is my easy to teach child. Aiden on the other hand, might need mobile learning, that kid never sits still! Over the summer we accomplished teaching aiden his ABC's and counting to 10, which were our goals! Ethan is such an encouragement to him because he gets Aiden to repeat after him. Of course Ethan is way cooler than Mom and Dad. Then I went to take a shower during Gavin's morning nap and this is how they occupied themselves. I had set them up in my room watching Sid the Science Kid. Needless to say, the episode ended before I came out of the bathroom. They are too funny! They walked around in my shoes and played in the laundry hamper for an hour.

"Mom take a picture of my crazy face..... I am teaching Aiden." You learn all the important life skills from your big brother.

After they proceeded to empty a capri sun onto my newly cleaned floors I decided we needed another activity. Art time. Ethan taught Aiden how to use the scissors today. Which lead to numerous small bits of paper all under my kitchen table. But it allowed me to get in some physical therapy time with Gavin so I guess I can't complain.

Look mom!
Working on our sitting. Looks more like a lounge chair to me than physical effort, but hey who's judging : )
He was way more interested in eating every toy I gave him then being encouraged to sit up on his own. Something about the third child makes me totally not neurotic about him being behind. Maybe because he is my last and I enjoy his babyness, or maybe because somewhere along the way you learn that they will do it when they are ready and not a day sooner. Who cares if your friend's kid walked at 9 months, at 2 they are both walking and running no one knows the difference.

Tummy time last long enough to see him push up, exclaim how proud he is, snap a picture and watch him role right over to his back. Since he has master the role he could care less how long you want him to remain on his tummy, it's too much dang work and he likes his back. Anyways, who can watch TV from that angle, the back is way better. (He watches TV from across the room all the time. With his serious face and amazing attention span to the TV you would think he knew exactly what was occurring in the show.)

Of course the day ended with tae kwon do at 4. Ethan got his red stripe on his belt for learning his form so he proud to tie his belt and strut his stuff. His instructor gives them little pieces of tape on the end of the belt for each thing they learn. It encourages them to move forward in their learning while completing what they need to test for the next true belt color. Ethan is now ready to test and will in a few weeks. Then they lounged in the bath dyed pink by bath tub colors. It looks like a murder scene in our bathroom now from all the pink water splashed about. And no night with mommy is complete without popcorn in my bed. Which I will sleep on until I break down and change the sheets. Who and I kidding, Ben will change them : )

And at 7:30 everyone is tucked tightly in bed with prayers and water and stuffed animals. And because Ethan took this picture today, here is one of Luke and Charlie. He couldn't get Leah to pose with them.

It's a hard life being a dog.

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