The Hands

The Hands

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Busy Weekend

We have had a busy weekend. Saturday we went to Landon's 5th Bday party and Jump 4 Joeys. I don't know who invented these jumpy places but its like parental torture. We will pack wall to wall inflatables in a warehouse, all to tall to see over, with 16 birthday parties in 1 day, no kid limit and let kids ages walking-18 run wild. AAHH! Needless to say the kids had a blast but I found it overwhelming! Then we went home for an hour nap and packed up for the biblestudy pool party. We melt at a couples neighborhood pool which was totally amazing! Being that I will never be the person owning the mansion in an awesome neighborhood with amazing amenities I loved enjoying theirs! They had a huge slide and a separate quite large pool for the young kids. It was fun and great fellowship. We have had several new couples join and it was nice to get to meet everyone a little more.

Today (Sunday), Ben was at the firestation. I got up and showered and got everyone ready for church. Headed out and enjoyed church with Grana, Ray and Grandma. The boys always have a blast at church. Ethan is pumped because next week is promotion Sunday and he gets to go to the Big class. He's very excited. It is great to see Aiden walking right into his class excited. It makes me feel better about preschool starting in a month. After church we went to lunch with Grana and Ray (which Gavin cried all the way through). I have such a desire to get out of the house that somehow dragging a car seat full of a screaming baby and 2 boys who cannot sit still for 5 mins seems fun. It is not really relaxing or enjoyable but it lets me get out of the house and breathe! Of course then we went swimming at Grandma's and Mandy, Josh and the boys joined us. It was fun. It was one of those days that was busy and I feel like I got little accomplished (sorry babe for he laundry pile without a dent in it) but I enjoyed being with the boys. Seeing them swim and play. Talking about church. Playing Mario with Ethan. Watching Barney with Aiden. Snuggling my Gavin. Those sweet moments you don't get back. The laundry will always be there.

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