The Hands

The Hands

Monday, July 26, 2010

bye bye passi.....

Today we took Aiden to Build a Bear and put the passi in a puppy. He picked out the puppy and was a big boy, very excited. He put them in there with no problem, didn't shed a tear! He stuffed his puppy, brushed it and named him so originally "puppy".  Thanks Grana for enduring a trip to mall with all of us!

Bye. Bye passi! That is the last passi in our house (Since Gavin is a thumb sucker). Kind of sad....He's not a baby anymore.

Here are some pics I took this morning. Its hard to believe Gavin is almost 9 months old. The past few months have been great having him home and healthy. We are finally adjusted to being a family of 5. The boys are so fun to watch, they are truly great friends to eachother.

this is why you need a king size bed!

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