The Hands

The Hands

Friday, July 2, 2010

For Gavin...

 I wrote this poem when Gavin was a few days old. Since I am using our blog like a family scrapbook, I decided to put it in here.

As I love you through the glass I watch your tiny finger sweep across your face,
I watch you turn your glance toward mine and pray I might catch your gaze.
You fight to merely breathe, and I to hold back tears.
I long so bad to hold you, touch your face, calm your fears.

As I love you through the glass I watch your heartbeat dance across the screen,
These monitors have become my world, when I close my eyes they're all I see.
The breaths you breathe are not your own, as they try to keep you alive.
My heart aches, I pray you win the battle. I long to see your eyes.

I sit and stare in wonder, wishing I could make time pass.
I end up on my knees in prayer, as I love you through the glass.
I reach in and touch you, silently you rest.
I try so hard to walk away, I pray this day won't be your last.

I struggle home, but do not sleep. For my soul is still with you.
I feel torn apart and helpless; there is nothing I can do.
Your picture frame is all I have of you to see.
I sit in what should be your room and hold you close to me.

As I love you through the glass I know the ending doesn't matter,
Because Gavin Jacob Hand you have changed my life forever.

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