The Hands

The Hands

Friday, July 23, 2010

Ethan's 4th Birthday

On June 29th we celebrated Ethan's 4th Bday at Chuck E Cheese. He really enjoyed his birthday this year and we enjoyed watching his excitement and gratitude for everything. He is getting bigger and showing us so much of his developing personality. All the kids got to play games, eat pizza and cake and of course get prizes. Ethan was excited with his presents and seemed much more into the whole party for the first time. I guess he was just old enough to understand! Ethan's favorite is skee ball. I think it's daddys and uncle T's fav too! Aiden spent every token he had on the barney ride....thanks christen for endless Barney rides!

And the adults played a little : )
Jenna and Jack even came up! (The little girl many of you have been praying hard for)
Ethan got to wear a crown, get a birthday song and of course meet chuck e cheese. It was so funny because Aiden followed Chuck E around the whole time, even tried to follow him to the bathroom!

Ethan was too scared to go into the ticket booth, so Kinsley did it for him!

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