The Hands

The Hands

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Gavin update...

We went to the pulmonary doc yesterday, pediatrician today and we have PT tomorrow. Gavin's lungs sound great! They took him off the meds he was on for his lungs (some diuretics) and they are happy with his development. He weighed 13 lb 4 oz. This is not a hugs weight gain but he is full of rolls and has grown to 25 inches long so they were very happy. They feel like the underdeveloped lungs might lead to slow weight gain for a while but he is happy, healthy and thriving. We all know he LOVES to eat! The pediatrician said his social development is at a 7 month level (he smiles, laughs, coos and says dada), His fine motor is about 5 months and his gross motor is 4 1/2 months. So thats where the PT comes in. We are doing babies can't wait once a week with a PT who comes to our house and works so well with our schedule. It is really nice. One less appointment to have to drag everyone to! He is making huge strides with muscle strength, rolling and reaching for toys. We are working on getting him to sit and push up on his knees when on his tummy. We finally started his vaccines today. Other than the synergis he got during RSV season we have put off vaccines since the NICU so he could have a chance to build his own immune system. That being said, the PED and I decided today it was time. So we did pnumoccal (being the most important with all the pulmonary issues) and HIB. He doesn't seem to be cranky or running a fever so thats great!

Tonight Ethan decided he is spending the night with Grana (for the first time). We will see how that works....I have a feeling I will be seeing him by 9 : )