The Hands

The Hands

Saturday, August 14, 2010

zoo day

Since Ben was working a double Friday and Saturday I decided to take the boys to the zoo today. Of course my usual partner in crime came with with her crew. All the boys had fun. It was overcast and even drizzled a tad but it was a welcomed reprieve from the hot days we have been having. Mandy and I stood at the car deciding if we should bring our cameras in or not because of the rain. I decided I could put mine in my waterproof bag because I can't stand to go anywhere without it. She decided against bringing hers. Of course as soon as we walked in the park I whipped out the camera to get my first shot and realized I had not gotten the camera card out of my computer and therefor the camera was useless. These pics I took on my phone so they are not so great. Oh the little joys of life! Ha. Not having my camera is like missing a child. Okay, maybe that's a little exaggeration but I am glued to that camera. Best investment of my life!

Our course starts with the "Mingos". One of Aiden's favorites!
Here is Mr. Gavin hanging out in the stroller. He lasted the first hour in the stroller and then decided he wanted me to carry him where he could see while I pushed the double stroller. That was a task. Those are the reasons we need Daddy for these adventures!
Next came the meerkats. I do love watching those little guys! As I was taking these pics all I could think of was that Aiden was going to get his head stuck in the display, thankfully he did not.
Aiden and Caden checking out the turtles. They wanted so bad to reach down and pick him up!
Gavin checking out the lemurs, He was laughing out load at them!

The Gorilla was posing so perfect for a picture, it killed my not to have my zoom lens camera but the kids sure enjoyed watching him
Reptile house- Always Ethan's favorite, gives me chill bumps!
Of course we made a gift shop purchase. 2 matching snakes with sticky tongues. Mommy was happy they managed to pick a toy that was only $3.99! We had a great day. Ethan has been working diligently on his home school program on the computer and is making an ABC book with pics of animals so we will have to go back so we can get more pictures. Have to love a season pass!!

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