The Hands

The Hands

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy 6 month birthday Gavin and Joseph!

Today was great! I went to lunch with my friend Laura (Joseph's mom), which was a great day since Joseph and Gavin are 6 months old! Wow, so hard to believe! We had lunch and then I got to go meet Joseph! It was great. He is so sweet. What a beautiful baby. The day starte out with Ethan's soccer game. He did great. He played the whole game. Half the game he actually played for the other team. They didn't have enough players show up to the game so he joined them. i thought it was great that he offered to play with them and had fun. I am more proud of him for doing that then the soccer! He is such a sweet boy. He had fun at the game, he is really into it this year. Gavin had his first day off oxygen and it was great. He did really well! What a great 6 month birthday present.

Today the sheet rock guys hung almost all the sheet rock! Yeah!!!! They are coming back tomorrow to start finishing it. I am SO excited!

Here are some pics from today....

joseph martin

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