The Hands

The Hands

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Belt test 9-11-2010

Stretching out before his fist belt test. He was so ready, so proud. I was worried that when he got there he was going to be scared with all the people, but he has trained so much, he was ready. All of us on the other hand not so much. In my usual fashion I came in, 15 mins early, with my camera, video camera, diaper bag, stroller and 2 kids in tow. Ben and I looked around at the 2 little benches all the parents had to sit on thinking uh-oh, because soon to follow us was grandma, grana and grandpa ray. Well our plans for the day were bet test at 10, soccer game at 12 and Braves Game at 4. Little did we know when we started talking to all the parent, belt tests last 3 to 4 hours and you are not suppose to leave any earlier. I talked to Master White (Ethan's teacher) and got permission for Ethan to leave when he was done and he said he would try to get us out by 12. Well, anyone who knows me knows that I cannot stand to be late anywhere, so the whole time I was sweating making it to the soccer fields and coordinating everything. Well 30 mins in to the bet test (about 25 kids) they had only stretched! Ah! With 2 little brothers, this was not going to work. Tae Kwon Do is about silence and concentration. So Grana took Aiden home with her (not seeing Ethan perform at all) and Ben ended having to step in and out with Gavin. It did not go as I had planned. Ethan sat so quiet and patiently waiting on his turn, watching everyone who tested before him. He finally went at 11:10, my mom had to leave before he tested too! But when he got up there he was confident, strong, and did awesome! I was so proud of my little man!
He did his 10 step with precision and yelled out his "1 sir, 2 sir....". I can't believe how much he has grown through this sport! We were worried about him messing up on his form because it's his newest learned item, but he did it without hesitation. It is so funny as a mom how you just beam with pride for your children. It's not like I did the thing!! After his performance came sparing. I didn't even know he would have to spar for his belt. So when they said "Ethan, put on your sparing gear." I was thinking, "How do I put this on him, daddy is outside!!" Thankfully another dad stepped in and gave me a hand. And this is the funnest thing ever. I am pretty sure we don't have to worry about him getting hurt.

Ha! He looks so sweet! I don't think he can even walk in it!



Fight! He did well, it was really cute. He sparred with a little boy and then a little girl. He did really well. Then he took off his gear and I started packing everything up, ready to run out the door as it was 11:58 and Master White asked Ethan to step up front. I thought he was just going to congratulate him (they don't give the belt until the belt ceremony in a week or so after all the scores are talleyed and belts are ordered...who new there was so many logistics), but Ethan walked up and Master White asked Ethan what he had for breakfast. Ethan promptly replied "pancakes" and then he asked Ethan if he was feeling strong and to show everyone a strong downward chop. Ethan did and then mater white slid a board under and Ethan broke it. He was so proud! And I was crying.....because I had put away my camera!!!!!!!! When do I ever miss stuff on camera! It's like surgically implanted into my hand! I was so bummed! And Daddy was in the car with Gavin, everyone else had left and Ethan was radiating and proud! I hugged him tight and he carried his broken board like he was super hero. I love it! It was a great first belt test for Ethan, he did everything very well. I was bummed that I didn't get babysitting for the boys so the grandma's and daddy could have seen it. But now we know, and next time we will plan better, and I will have my camera ready for the board break!

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