The Hands

The Hands

Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Sunday morning, headed to church

After watching the first UGA football game of the season as a family yesterday, we felt it only necessary to share our bulldog pride on Sunday. Especially since aunt Kat came to church with us.

Taking a picture of the three of them presents its own challenges. Gavin is not big enough to sit on his own, but big enough to squish his brothers!

I feel so blessed to be involved in a church we love so much. Our children bounce in there on Sunday mornings with Aiden proclaiming "I am going to see Aiden's friends". It's so cute! Gavin smiles comfortably as we hand him over to the nursery workers, knowing he will not even be put down : )

Brotherly Love-there is nothing like it!

And since we have like no family pictures because I like to be behind the camera, not infront of it. We got Aunt Kat to take one of everyone!

We just spent the holiday weekend at home. On Saturday we watched the GA game, On Sunday we went to church and then to pizza with uncle T and Aunt Kat. Then Ethan and I went up to my work to fill in my schedule, he is such a ladies man, he loved seeing all the nurses and I enjoy showing his off. Then my little shopping buddy and I went to walmart. Ethan loves some Walmart. He get's that from his Grana. We bought the necessary groceries to get through the next few days, the essential Batman T shirt Ethan could not live without and somewhere in the process we lost a flip flop. Why is it that boys cannot keep shoes on their feet? It was to me a great weekend, because we were all together which does not happen as often as we would like. Tomorrow Ben returns to work but My mom, Mother in law and Grana all come back in town so I am sure our day will be family filled! We have missed them!

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