The Hands

The Hands

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ethan's first baseball game

At the end of Ethan's big day we took him to his first Braves game. He was so excited and had a blast. He loved taking pictures of the players with my camera so Ii wanted to post his pictures on here too! I thought he was going to want to walk around most of the time, but he didn't, he wanted to watch the game and sat in his seat most of the time.
It was hot! He didn't seem to mind too much. He loved Grammy's binoculars and we had great seats on the lower level so with them he could see really close! We took him to the upper level and walked around a little so he could see everything.
I love watching Ben and the boys. I am usually the watcher, I like to be behind the camera. Ben loves them so much and it shows so much in both of their smiles! I am not sure who is having more fun.

Awesome view! And then we went back and watched the rest of the game and Ethan took more pictures.

His prize was a #1 hand (10 dollars!!) and he loved it! We left in the 10th inning with overtime tied 3 to 3. The Braves played the Cardinals and it was a good game! We left before it was over so we could pick up the other 2 boys and get home. The Braves did end up winning, several more innings though! Overall it was such a good day. Packed with fun... belt test, soccer and the Braves game. It was a great family day.

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