The Hands

The Hands

Sunday, September 12, 2010

1st game as a Bandit

After the belt test we rushed to the field (only 4 mins late) and he played the 2nd, 3rd and 4th quarter. He did so well! I was expecting him to be really tired, but he ran on the field and scored a goal right off the bat!
GOAL!!! Go Ethan!
I love that when he is serious about his playing his tounge is always hanging out the side of his mouth. It's so funny! I always know when is really trying.
GOAL # 2! He was so proud of himself. He talked about his board breaking and 2 goals all night yesterday and all day today. He is learning fast and having so much fun. I enjoy watching him because he plays hard and has fun. His confidence is a lot better this year in soccer, I think because of Tae kwon do. It has really made him strong and confident. I have no idea which team won, they don't keep score at their age. I know our team scored at least one other goal. They are all so cute. Running around and cheering each other on!

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