The Hands

The Hands

Monday, September 27, 2010

Around the house and Aiden and Gavin's dedication

Gavin finally found his toes!! The physical therapist has been really emphasizing this milestone and Gavin has been totally uninterested until recently. It is so cute now because he does it all the time. As you can see from the laughter in the picture above, bedtime is always a fun time at our house. They are all so silly.

We have been working hard with homeschooling Ethan along with his church preschool. He is doing very well and has a good work ethic. This weekend we built a volcano and did the baking soda and vinegar experiment. It was so fun to watch his amazement.

This Sunday was a very special day for us at church, we dedicated Gavin and Aiden. It was great. We haven't had a chance to dedicate Aiden because last year he was so sick that we avoided church because he always got sick. It was great to do both of our preemies at one time. Marlon, our community pastor, has spent countless hours praying for our boys and he did the dedication. It was really nice. They put pics of the boys up on the screen. The pictures don't do it justice because it was so dark in there. Grandma, Grammy, Grandfather, Grana, Grandpa Ray, mrs. Debra and Mr. Bill were all there. It was very nice. Then we all went to lunch and uncle T met us for lunch. It was a nice family Sunday.

It was so funny because we had gotten there early to organize the dedication and the band was practicing. Aiden was in awe of the drums. So when he got to go up on stage he walked right past the pastor and went to the drum set. It was cute.

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  1. Maybe we need to get him a drum set at home! I am sure mommy and daddy would love it! ;) Cute dress! Yall look awesome. Sad I missed it!