The Hands

The Hands

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Macon Art and Science Museum

Grammy, Aunt Katie and I drove to Macon and took the boys to the art and science museum. They had a blast. The exhibits were very unique. The opening had a giant bug exhibit, Ethan's favorite.  At first he was scared to get too close then he didn't want to leave.

After the bugs they had an animal exhibit. Snakes, fish, lizards, turtles and even monkeys. Gavin watched the monkeys in awe and loved this one bright yellow fish.

next we proceeded to the dinosaur fossil search....

and Gavin rolled around on the play mat...
And then my favorite part of the day we went to the art room. Several different sections were set up inspired by different artist, and my little artist loved it! Aiden loves all things art and has a great deal of patience when creating his masterpiece!
I enjoy watching them grow into their own special and beautiful people; unique as can be!

We then spent some time outside enjoying the beautiful surroundings!

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