The Hands

The Hands

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cabin trip October 2010

We spent four days in Sevierville, TN in the mountains with Grammy and Grandfather and it was beautiful! The mountains were covered in the golds, reds, and oranges of autumn and the weather was a good mix of morning chill and afternoon sunshine. I was quite surprised at how developed and touristy this area was, I have only been to TN one time. Traffic was busy and on the main drive there was SO much to do. It was hard to pick the few things we would do while we were there and I would love to go back and have more time to explore. Here are a few breathtaking views from our cabin and drive through cade's cove. 

Ok, so maybe more than a few....I cannot resist taking a pretty picture and these are just my favorites...I took like 50 more.

On Saturday Ben and I took a horse back riding trip up a mountain to a beautiful waterfall. The view was amazing and the serenity blissful. I was to chicken to take my camera on the ride but here are a few pics of us with the horses. The kids and Grammy and Grandfather went on a carriage ride while we were on horse back and had a blast. The carriage driver let Ethan sit up front with him; which of course made his day.

Then on Sunday we went to the dinosaur museum which the boys really enjoyed. They had a huge exhibit with life size dinosaurs. It was very neat. Then Grammy and I did some shopping....

And of course it was vacation, so I did lots of reading....
We all did lots of relaxing and the boys enjoyed the daily dip in the hot tub with Grandfather (not so relaxing, but fun : ) )

It was nice! Always nice to vacation as a family...... sorry there are so many pics, I am not good at narrowing it down!

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