The Hands

The Hands

Sunday, October 3, 2010


My favorite time of the year is here. The air is crisp, i can wear blue jeans everyday, and football is on. The boys are gearing up for the festivities...Halloween, fall festivals, then Thanksgiving... and of course the continuous "I want that for Christmas...". Today they picked out their costumes and they were so excited they had to try them on (AKA wear them for hours around the house). And for what they cost, I figure they mite as well wear them! They were so cute. Gavin was a bigger fan of eating his then wearing it.

He is saying " Cheeeseee..."
Gavin is saying " seriously mom..."

Tomorrow Gavin has his first speech therapy appointment. We are excited and hoping that this will help with aiding him in advancing with his foods. All his liquids still have to be thickened, which makes it impossible to take him off the bottle right now, and though he loves baby food he can't eat without sucking his thumb to aid in swallowing. That's a really messy tactic! But hey, whatever works. We are hoping they will approve to see us once a week like PT does. We just love our physical therapist and so I hope we have the same connection with speech. Gavin thinks PT is play time. He did cut a tooth! (on the bottom) and is really doing well with trunk control. He is so close to sitting up if we could keep him from arching. He loves his excersaucer and is gaining leg strength. He is trying hard to crawl, but not quite coordinated enough yet.

We have come so far... I keep this picture by my bed as a constant reminder of what a blessing and gift God has given us and to remember not to take one day for granite.

Tomorrow we are having family pics done, I hope they turn out good! Getting 3 boys to cooperate is never easy, but knowing Michaela they will be awesome!

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  1. I love their costumes!! So perfect! Poor Gavin looks like that alien ate him!! :)