The Hands

The Hands

Friday, April 9, 2010

Knowing you made the right decision...

So after Gavin's surgery i remember staring at him, intubated, swollen and sedated thinking "did I make the right decision to let them do the surgery?". Then the days that followed were so rough. He struggled so hard to breathe. Required pain meds around the clock and looked miserable. I cried thinking that I should have never let them talk me into it. Now, weeks later, Gavin is such a different baby. He used to cry and arch his back from reflux, he had a hard time finishing his bottles because of the pain and never slept longer than 30-40 mins because the reflux always bothered him. He used to loose weight regularly and never seemed quite himself. Today, I realized all that is gone! He takes his bottle with no problem then falls asleep and sleeps for hours. He plays happily and seems so content. He is healthier than I have ever seen him and his monitor has not gone off once since we came home!!! No bradys, no apneas, no blue spells! Thank God for his guidance that this was the right decision and that though this surgery was tough it changed things for the better and may save his life. 

Today was my first day in sometime all alone with all 3 boys. Also, our A/C was broken...ugh..but thankfully a friend fixed it (and for cheap !). Gavin's nurse also had to come give him his RSV vaccine...ouch ... poor baby. But thankfully we had lots of visitors so I had helpful hands and Gavin got extra snuggles. I managed to do the 8 loads of laundry that REALLY needed to be done and clean the house a little. Back to work tomorrow and sunday...I hat working weekends but it pays the bills and I love my work family!

Ethan and Aiden spent the whole day outside and the weather has been awesome. Yesterday we opened all the windows (no A/C) and the boys played drive thru with my window and the sandbox...very messy for my house. Lots of "donalds" in my was so cute it was hard to be mad. Now that baths are done, we are off to read books and go to bed....


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