The Hands

The Hands

Saturday, April 24, 2010

After another 2 day stay in the hospital for aspiration pnumonia Gavin came back home yesterday. Man, this going back and forth is SO tiring! He is doing ok. Last night in the middle of the night we noticed he had a stuffy nose and now he has a stuffy nose, cough and trouble eating. I guess that G tube does come in handy sometimes, we have had to use it some today to keep him hydrated.

Today was the march of dimes walk. It poured rain! i walked with the two older boys in the double stroller with Aunt Kat, and my mom and Grana watched Gavin. It was just too yucky for him to go. We had fun though. Then everyone met for lunch for Pizza. We all wore our matching shirts with Aiden and gavin's pics on them. Too cute! It was a fun day. Now I am dealing with 2 cranky boys who didn't nap and a cranky baby who cannot breathe out of his nose. And, of course, Ben is at the firestation. It should be a long night! I am thankful though to have them all home!

Thanks to all the people who donated on March of Dimes. It is such an amazing organization!

My silly boys! hard to believe they are about to be 4, 2 1/2 and 6 mo. Time is going by so fast!

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