The Hands

The Hands

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Home sweet home!

We are all finally home! Gavin is doing well. We are adjusting to the additional medications and using the G tube. All in all its not too hard, just add in two other kids and it can seem overwhelming. He has had no episodes (bradys or apneas since we brought hime home . . . wohoo!). This makes me have hope that all this was worth it if it fixed those scary episodes. The boys are more than happy to have us home. Aunt Katie and I took the boys to the zoo yesterday, it was fun but packed! Note to self: do not go to the zoo on spring break! Today we spent time all together before we go back to work schedules. I also had to teach Ben how to use all the new supplies.

Our friends the Martins (baby Joseph) are also completing their hospital journey! On Monday Joseph will come home from his 5 month NICU stay. He was born the day before Gavin and we have become great friends.

We will keep you posted as much as possible with everything going on with the boys. Ethan has been out of soccer and school this week and is bummed about missing both . . . silly boy loves school! Aiden is loving having his brother home with him. Aiden starts school in Sep and I know he will love when he gets to go too. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers.


For everyone who has missed out on the past few weeks heres the quick version: gavin went into the hospital for respiratory ditress that we believed was RSV. Then when it continues without any help from breathing treatments the Drs investigated further and found that it was severe reflux. It was causing acid to build in his esophagus and also causing aspiration into his lungs. therefor, they did a fundoplication (google it) and placed a G tube. He also had a hernia repair, circumcision and central line placement. All in all he has 5 incisions. He did not tolerate the anesthesia well and ended up having a very hard time post op with breathing. He spen time on the vent, CPAP, high flow and nitric oxide. 2 weeks in the ICU and now he is finally feeling better. We are using the G tube to supplement his feeds at night to help him gain weight and during the day he takes thickened bottle feeds (we mix the breastmilk with a thickener to help him from aspirating). This has been just one more step in a walk of faith with this little guy!


  1. I am so glad he is home!!! that little smile is so cute!!! I will continue to pray for your little man and your whole family!

  2. Thank you both for all your thoughts and prayers!